Telecom Services

Civil Works

Mirrikh Contracting WLL has always strived for the highest quality in the Telecom industry and successfully establishing a reputation of being a reliable contractor for Qatar Telecom (Ooredoo), and QNBN providing the highest quality and standard of service for Civil works, Underground Duct Laying, joint boxes and Transmission Network within the project budget.

We have a Group of expert professionals who specialize in the execution of such contracts, with their abilities to respond to the most demanding challenges. Our commitments to the telecom sector are also demonstrated by our substantial investment in the latest equipment for installation and testing both civil & transmission System. This enables us to execute the project with the highest level of efficiency.

Our expertise includes:

  • Site Survey & Site Engineering
  • Transmission installation
  • Commissioning & site integration
  • Telecom Construction & Maintenance
  • Execute the civil work, trenching, laying cables, backfilling, compaction and restoration.
  • Pulling cables on poles
  • Installation of Manholes (JRCs and other) and duct systems.
  • Blockage clearing

Fiber Optic Services

The Fiber Optic Department executes all OSP network construction and maintenance projects including all civil work activities required. This department functions in conjunction with the Telecom Department under one combined Civil & Telecom Unit for the purpose of handling civil and telecom projects, as they execute interlinked activities to precede all telecom projects.

Our Expertise

  • Telecom OSP & ISP
  • Fiber optic cable laying
  • Splicing and termination
  • OTDR Testing services.
  • LLD and HLD survey
  • Roding and Roping
  • Cable pulling
  • ONT installation
  • Patch panel termination and testing
  • Cabinet installation
  • Networking and structural cabling
  • Migration
  • Power and source testing
  • Commissioning