Emergency Response Wing (24x7)

The Emergency Response Wing (24x7) of Mirrikh is a specialized team dedicated to providing immediate assistance and repair work for various types of emergencies related to dry and wet utilities. The team is available round-the-clock to address critical issues and ensure the smooth operation and safety of utility systems. Here's an elaboration on the different types of emergency repair work they handle:

  • Pressure line leak rectification: This refers to the repair of leaks in pressurized pipelines that carry TSE/Foul sewer water. The Emergency Response Wing is equipped to detect and fix leaks in a timely manner, preventing any further damage or disruption to the system.
  • Gravity line leak rectification: Gravity lines are pipelines that rely on gravity to transport wastewater or Surface water. If there's a leak in a gravity line, it can lead to environmental contamination or sanitary issues. The emergency team is trained to identify and rectify leaks in gravity lines efficiently.
  • Any road settlement rectification: Road settlement occurs when the ground beneath a road surface sinks or collapses, resulting in uneven or damaged roads. This can pose a hazard to traffic and utility infrastructure. The Emergency Response Wing addresses road settlement emergencies promptly, ensuring the safety and accessibility of roads.
  • Electrical cable damage rectification: Electrical cable damage can occur due to various reasons such as natural disasters, accidents, or equipment failure. The emergency team is skilled in handling electrical repairs, including locating and repairing damaged cables, restoring power supply, and ensuring electrical safety.
  • Fiber optic cable damage rectification: Fiber optic cables are critical for high-speed internet connectivity and communication networks. If these cables are damaged, it can disrupt internet services and communication systems. The Emergency Response Wing is proficient in repairing and restoring damaged fiber optic cables to minimize downtime and restore connectivity.

The Emergency Response Wing of Mirrikh specializes in providing 24x7 emergency repair services for a range of issues related to pressure and gravity line leaks, road settlements, electrical cable damage, and fiber optic cable damage. Their prompt response and expertise help mitigate further damage and ensure the swift restoration of utility services.