Sewerage & Drainage Works

Drainage and Sewage works are an integral part of our infrastructure services portfolio. Our company has extensive experience and expertise in undertaking construction works related to sewerage services/systems, refurbishment, construction, installation, operation, utilization, management, maintenance, and expansion throughout Qatar.

As a leading civil contractor engaged in construction services to the Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL), we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality Drainage, Sewerage, Dewatering, TSE, and other related works. Our team has successfully completed numerous sewer replacements/upgradation works, directional drilling, storm water networks, and TSE installations, with many more major projects in progress.

Our Expertise

    Wet Utility Networks

  • Excavation by heavy equipments
  • Non destructive methods
    • Micro tunnelling
    • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Pipe bursting and upsizing
  • Trenchless pipe lining and sewer lateral drain repair (CIPP)
  • Laying, testing and commissioning SSVC pipe, ESVC pipe, GRP pipe, HDPE pipe, Dl pipe, RC Pipes, uPVC pipe & GRC pipe
  • HDPE pipe Welding works
  • Lagoon HDPE Lining
  • GRP fabrication and lamination works
  • Construction of Manhole, House Connection Chambers
  • Supply and Installation of All types of Mechanical Valves and Fittings for pressure line.
  • Installation of valve actuator
  • Installation of fire hydrants
  • Wastop/odor control valve installation
  • Pressure transmitter and Data logger installation
  • Grease Trap Installation
  • SCADA connection and RTU
  • Foul sewer House connections
  • Over pumping and Dewatering
  • CCTV survey
  • Upgrading & rerouting of existing sewer networks
  • Preventive maintenance of existing sewer network systems
  • Pressure jetting for removal of blockage in sewer networks
  • Pipeline hydrotesting, Air testing, Deflection testing
  • All types of Reinstatemen

    Pumping Station

  • All types of Pumping station mechanical valves and fittings installation.
  • Penstock installation.
  • Installation of Deodorizer Vessel /Odor Control Units
  • Installation of Surge Vessel
  • Installation of Submersible pumps
  • Installation of Diesel pumps inside the pumping station
  • PLC and VFD Works
  • Electric Lifting Hoist installation.
  • Erection of Monorail Steel Structure
  • Cleaning of Wet well and dry bed.
  • Package treatment plants