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Mirrikh Contracting WLL is a qualified electrical Kharama distribution contractor with vast experience in the field of electrical installation,comprising of a team of experienced engineers and technicians executing major industrial and commercial projects.The electrical division of Mirrikh Contracting WLL offers complete installation services in all sectors including residential, commercial, industrial and educational. To ensure quality we continue, to back our service with modern equipment,the Finest materials, rigid quality control and of course, highly dedicated engineers. Over the years Mirrikh has built many indoor and outdoor substations and installed hundreds of kilometers of HV and MV Cable Networks either in direct contract with KAHRAMAA or in joint venture with leading contractors.

Distribution Sector

  • Trench Excavation.
  • HV+ PILOT/LV Cable Installation.
  • HV/LV Cable jointing & Termination Works.
  • Road Crossing by Horizontal Directional Drilling/Open cut Method
  • Carrying out damage repairs of Cables
  • Replacing/Re-routing of Cables
  • Construction of Distribution Substations.
  • Package substations, switching substations and ring main units
  • Substation earthing works
  • Control Cable installations.
  • Installation of Battery Chargers, Marshaling box and tripping cables
  • Duct Sealing Works inside substations

Industrial Sector

  • Replacement/Installation of Substation Equipments like Transformers, HV Panels, RMU, Feeder Pillars/MV Panels.
  • Control & instruments equipment, panel boards, control desks and Field junction boxes.
  • Pumps, pipe Works and instrumentation.
  • Cable Laying Works.
  • Street Lighting.
  • Fixing of Cable Trays, Ladders & Support Structures.
  • Water/Sewage Treatment Plants.